Yaroomba Life

Yaroomba Life- nature, beach and attractions


Yaroomba abounds in nature, the  warm and cool ocean currents mix in this area which provides abundant food sources for our marine life- snorkelling here is so rewarding.


The dunes and rocky headland of Pt Arkwright provide the perfect habitats for a variety of birdlife from the soaring ospreys to the colourful bee-eaters, not forgetting the bold turkeys strutting about. Raptors soar along Yaroomba beach and the cliffs of Point Arkwright, the eastern osprey, white-bellied sea-eagles and Brahminy Kites are common.

In the dunes you can see an abundance of birds from the stunning Rainbow bee-eater that burrows into the sand to nest, often at Birrahl Park, to the Glossy Black Cockatoos feasting on the She oak and Banksia seeds.


Logger-head and Green turtles nest on Yaroomba beach, it’s a rare beautiful ‘dark’ beach that has yet to be too impacted by light pollution. The local Coolum & North Shore Coast Care group works with the turtle species at Yaroomba https://coolumcoastcare.org.au/what-we-do/practical-projects/turtle-monitoring/ This volunteer group check for tracks during turtle season and mark the nests to protect them from foxes and other animals. When the nest is ready to ‘run’ they check to make sure all turtles are surfaced or even help them along. If foxes start getting the taste for turtles, then it would make it much more difficult for them to survive in the future. 

The turtle nesting season is from November to March. 

Turtles can be seen frequently all year round from the viewing platform just off the Point Arkwright Esplanade. 


Yaroomba is a fabulous place to observe the whale migration from May to November. August to September seem to be best months to see the humpbacks on their way back to Antarctica. Twenty-two thousand whales migrate past Yaroomba’s coastline each year to give birth before returning to Antarctica. Point Arkwright is the perfect place to spot these amazing mammals. If you would like to get closer, then the following business will take you whale watching or even swim with them.  https://www.whaleone.com.au/whales/sunshine-coast-whales/ 

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